Bage BGX | Brazil

Bage BGX

Local time:
Timezone: America/Sao_Paulo
Coordinates: -31.398611, -54.1125
Country: Brazil
Bage BGX
Bage BGX

Comandante Gustavo Kraemer International Airport is the airport serving Bagé, Brazil. It is named after Captain Gustavo Kraemer, founder and pilot of the airline SAVAG.

Locations near Bage

The airport is close to Bagé, Hulha Negra, Candiota, Lavras do Sul, Dom Pedrito, Pinheiro Machado, Piratini, Herval, Melo, Santana da Boa Vista, Caçapava do Sul, São Gabriel, Arroio Grande, Canguçu, Jaguarão, São Sepé, Río Branco, Tranqueras, Vergara, São Pedro do Sul from Uruguay, Brazil.

Direct flights from/to Bage BGX

These are all the active direct flights to Bage according to latest update at 24 July 2024 22:30:41. Check the flight's page for updated schedule and cheap airline tickets.

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