Burqin KJI | China

Buerjin KJI

Local time:
Timezone: Asia/Shanghai
Coordinates: 48.2217, 86.9961
Country: China
Buerjin KJI
Buerjin KJI

Burqin Kanas Airport (Chinese: 喀纳斯机场) is a seasonal airport that serves Burqin County and the nearby tourist destination Kanas Lake in Xinjiang, China. It is located 50 kilometers south of the lake in Burqin County. The airport was constructed in 2006 and opened on 15 August 2007. Since 2019, after upgrades to the airport, it remains open for flights in winter too.In September 2020, Urumqi Air started flying to Kanas Airport using a Boeing 737-800 with a Kanas lake themed livery and interior.

Locations near Burqin

The airport is close to Altay, Aweitancun, Zaysan, Koktokay, Kosh-Agach, Ölgiy, Zyryanovsk, Onguday, Chinggil, Serebryansk, Karamay, Hovd, Shebalino, Gorno-Altaysk, Shihezi, Yuanhucun, Khutubi, Wujiaqu, Yan’an Beilu, Ürümqi from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China.

Direct flights from/to Buerjin KJI

These are all the active direct flights to Burqin according to latest update at 14 July 2024 17:06:37. Check the flight's page for updated schedule and cheap airline tickets.

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