Chenzhou Beihu HCZ | China

Chenzhou Beihu HCZ

Local time:
Timezone: Asia/Shanghai
Coordinates: 25.750556, 112.845833
Country: China
Chenzhou Beihu HCZ
Chenzhou Beihu HCZ

Chenzhou Beihu Airport (Chinese: 郴州北湖机场) is an airport serving Chenzhou city in Hunan province, China. Its location in Tashui Village, Huatang Town, Beihu District was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in January 2015. The airport construction is being overseen by the Hunan Airport Authority. Chenzhou Beihu Airport will feature a 2600m runway, a terminal with a handling capacity for 550,000 passengers and 3,000 tonnes per annum. The airport formally opened on September 16, 2021.

Locations near Chenzhou Beihu

The airport is close to Chenzhou, Tangdong, Leiyang, Shangping, Lecheng, Yiyang, Lianzhou, Dongping, Sanjiang, Xiaping, Shaoguan, Hengyang, Sanpaicun, Jiangjiadong, Daping, Zhaitangcun, Xiangping, Damaishan, Huanghuajing, Shuibian from China.

Direct flights from/to Chenzhou Beihu HCZ

These are all the active direct flights to Chenzhou Beihu according to latest update at 19 June 2024 10:33:33. Check the flight's page for updated schedule and cheap airline tickets.

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