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Mcarthur River MCV

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Timezone: Australia/Darwin
Coordinates: -16.4667, 136.095
Country: Australia
Mcarthur River MCV
Mcarthur River MCV

McArthur River Mine Airport is an airport 0.5 nautical miles (0.93 km; 0.58 mi) south of the McArthur River Mine townsite, Northern Territory, Australia.

Locations near Mcarthur River

The airport is close to Burketown, Camooweal, Katherine, Karumba, Pine Creek, Mount Isa, Adelaide River, Cloncurry, McMinns Lagoon, Howard Springs, Darwin, Weipa, Kununurra, Georgetown, Alice Springs, Wyndham, Mareeba, Port Douglas, Smithfield Heights, Redlynch from Australia.

Direct flights from/to Mcarthur River MCV

These are all the active direct flights to Mcarthur River according to latest update at 18 June 2024 06:48:22. Check the flight's page for updated schedule and cheap airline tickets.

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