Animawing starts scheduled flights to Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Turkey

New scheduled direct flights Animawings

Animawings reshapes the leisure flights market in Romania with a massive launch of scheduled routes - all to popular holiday destinations in Egypt, Greece and Tanzania.

Tickets are already on sale and prices start at 79 euros/direction.

This airline is less known to the general public. It operated charter flights on behalf of travel agencies, but recently Animawings has published its fares.

At the beginning of the year, the company obtained the IATA code, after which it was able to distribute its fares in the global reservation systems. That is, anyone can now buy a ticket to Hurghada and back exactly as you do for Milan or London. Flights to leisure destinations like Bodrum, Enfidha are now becoming scheduled flights.

The operator took over the A2 code from the former Greek airline Astra Airlines. Flights operated by Animawings can still be displayed in search engines with the former company's logo.

The new destinations have massive increase in demand for their proximity, prices and exclusive nature. Now - these countries are shaping a more relaxed restriction regime - tourism is an important source of the state budget.

Another reason for publishing the fares is the current situation - tourism has dropped dramatically and you have to do something new to stay in the game.

All new scheduled flights are launched for the first time in Romania, except Antalya, previously operated regularly by Corendon Airlines. The flight schedule is seasonal, for now. For schedule details, please go the the flight page and follow ZborDirect.

Scheduled direct flights Animawings

Itinerariu Start / Frequency Competitor routes
Bucharest - Hurghada 29.01, 07, 16, 25 february  
Bucharest - Gazipasa 07.06 - 25.10 Monday  
Bucharest - Antalya 01.06 - daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday  
Bucharest - Bodrum 06.06 - 31.10 Sunday  
Bucharest - Kerkyra 07.06 - 25.10 Monday  
Bucharest - Zakinthos 01.06 - 28.10 Tuesday si Thursday Blue Air
Bucharest - Heraklion 5.06 - 30.10 Saturday Blue Air, Wizz Air
Bucharest - Tenerife 05.06 - 30.10 Saturday  
Bucharest - Dubai 12.03 - 14.05 Friday Flydubai, Wizz Air
Bucharest - Zanzibar only 29 january, 7, 16, 25 january  
Bucharest - Cluj daily until 30.11.21 Blue Air, Tarom
Iasi - Antalya 04.06 - 29.10 Friday  
Cluj - Hurghada 29.01, 07,16,25 february  
Cluj - Bourgas 05.06 - 30.10 Saturday  
Cluj - Zakinthos 01.06 - 26.10 Tuesday  
Cluj - Kerkyra 07.06 - 13.09 Monday  
Cluj - Antalya 05.06 - 30.10 Saturday  
Cluj - Gazipasa 06.06 - 31.10 Sunday  
Cluj - Enfidha 02.06 - 27.10 Wednesday  
Cluj - Zanzibar only 29 january, 7 february  
Sibiu - Antalya 01.06 - 26.10 Tuesday  
Tirgu Mures - Antalya 01.06 - 26.10 Tuesday  
Craiova - Antalya 07.06 - 25.10 Monday  
Oradea - Antalya 06.06 - 31.10 Sunday  
Suceava - Hurghada 03.06 - 28.10 Thursday  
Timisoara - Hurghada 02.06 - 27.10 Wednesday  
Timisoara - Antalya 04.06 - 29.10 Friday  
Arad - Antalya 03.06 - 28.10 Thursday  

The schedule is valid at the time of publication and may be subject to change later. The status of the flights may be changed as well. For the updated schedule, go to flight page.

The best round-trip non-stop flight Bucharest ⇄ Kerkyra
Ryanair Bucharest 27 Sep 21 FR 7564 Direct Ryanair Kerkyra 30 Sep 21 3 days Direct from €16 Check price

The first direct scheduled flight from Arad

Only charter flights are operated at the time of publication from Arad. The direct flight Arad - Antalya becomes the first scheduled direct flight announced from this airport.

Another airline has also shown interest in coming to Arad - Lumiwings wants to operate flights to Forli, Italy in 2021. The flight schedule is not published yet.

Airline information

IATA: A2 ICAO: AWG Romania
Animawings is an airline founded in 2019 in Romania that operates charter flights to leisure destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In 2021, the operator obtains the IATA code and publ... View details

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