Coronavirus (COVID-19): how are the flights affected

Coronavirus (COVID-19): how are the flights affected

Coronavirus (COVID-19): how are the flights affected

The situation with flights and travel restrictions changes dynamically every day. Our tem makes sure that on this page you have the most up-to-date information about the restrictions of all countries and the answers to the most frequently asked questions about travelling by plane during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel restriction information is updated daily, 7 days a week.

The spread of coronavirus has reduced travel, but for some, flight remains a necessity.

If the airline cancels your flight, the employer restricts business trips or the conference where you must go is canceled, you are automatically exempted from taking the decision to fly or not - the decision will be made for you.

But if your flight is not canceled and you still do not know whether you will fly or not - these are the basic recommendations to avoid contamination during your trip.

Canceled and suspended flights

As the number of international Coronavirus cases continues to grow, many countries stop air traffic and airlines cancel their flights.

So far, passengers traveling to and from countries such as China, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, have been most severely affected, but as the virus spreads, cancellations may affect other directions.

Why flights are canceled

Flights are canceled for 2 reasons:

  • Official travel restrictions imposed by certain countries
  • Reduced demand and low load factor for certain routes

Cancelled flights

Flights are being cancelled dynamically as the government measures are being implemented. For actual information you must check the airline or airport website.

Suspended flights

As a result of reducing the demand for travel, the schedule of several flights was modified and several routes cancelled within March - December 2020.

The schedule changes are operated dynamically, to see the updated program go to the website of the airline that operates the flight.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How to check if my flight is canceled?

Don't waste time on investigations and searches. If the flight is canceled you will receive a notification by email and/or sms and/or by phone call.

How to check the status of a particular airport?

To check the flight schedule, operational statur or any other up-to-date information about a particular airport you must go to the appropriate airport website.

Most airports in the world have a website - and all active airports in the world can be found here: If you do not find the airport you need - please contact us.

How to find out the status of an airline?

All the airlines that operate regular passenger flights have an official online website - here you can easily find the flight schedule, cancellation conditions, up-to-date information on the operation of the airline in the conditions of the Covid-19 epidemic.

All the most important active airlines in the world can easily be found here:

I can't get in touch with the call center of the airline

The telephone lines of the airline operators are quite busy even in the ordinary days, and in this period of crisis the situation is even more complicated.

At some airlines and agencies all actions for booking management can be done online - in this case we recommend using these tools. If some actions can be done only by telephone call (for example the request for reimbursement to Wizz Air) - you must arm yourself with patience and periodically call on local tariff numbers.

The air traffic is suspended but the reservation is not yet canceled

Official bans are not immediately reflected in existing reservations. Also the airlines systems are over-loaded during this period and cancellations can be made with delay. 

My flight is canceled due to Coronavirus. What to do?

You will be notified about the cancellation of the flight by email and/or text message. In this case you have 2 options:

  1. Full refund of the reserved ticket. You can make a refund request online or by calling the airline/agency call-center where you booked the tickets.
  2. Reschedule the flight for another date (and/or other itinerary - depending on where you booked the tickets). In most cases, rebooking can be done online.

Why some flights can be booked online even if canceled?

Official actions on banning flights do not have immediate effect on global distribution systems. It takes some time for the situation to be reflected there as well.

We strongly advise you to find the flight status on the airline's website before booking flights during this period.

I want to book some tickets - how to find out if the flight is not canceled?

If you wish to make a reservation on or at a partner agency - please contact us for the most accurate information about the flight you are interested in.

If you book elsewhere - contact the respective agency or company - only they can confirm the flight status.

The flight is not canceled but I don't want to fly anymore

Unfortunately, most airlines do not offer refund when the trip is voluntarily canceled by a passenger. But reimbursement is offered in case someone is locked in mandatory quarantine (for example, at the hotel) based on a proof.

Can I get compensation for cancellations due to COVID-29?

While some airlines cancel flights to protect their passengers, others protect their pockets. As chaos and panic increase, airlines wishing to cancel flights for economic reasons have a perfect reason: coronavirus.

Passengers can request cancellation compensation when:

  • Airlines cancel flights for financial reasons
  • There is no official travel restriction in the risk area

If an airline cancels a flight for which there are no official travel restrictions, the coronavirus is therefore not the only reason for cancellation.

The desire to travel has decreased due to the spread of the virus, and flights that are not fully booked can be canceled by the company to save money. And in this case you have the right to compensation.