Eilat Ramon Airport - the new gateway to the Red Sea

Eilat Ramon Airport - the new gateway to the Red Sea

A new airport - Eilat Ramon (ETM) - will replace the two airports of the Red Sea resort - Eilat City, used for domestic flights, and Ovda International Airport, which is located 60 km north of the resort. The airport will have an initial capacity of 2 million passengers per year, thus becoming the new big international gateway to southern Israel and the Red Sea.

The first flight to Eilat Ramon was performed by the low cost carrier Ryanair on March 4, 2019 from Poznan (Poland). More intense operations will start in October 2019 when the flights operated by Wizz Air are relaunched.

The airport is just 18 km north of Eilat and is to be connected by the resort through a train line. Due to its advantageous location on the shores of the Red Sea, Ramon Airport is also a gateway to southern Jordan, including the resort of Aqaba, the renowned tourist areas of Wadi Rum and Petra, as well as the Taba region of Sinai, Egypt.

Eilat ETM

Eilat - Ramon (ETM - LLER), Israel (IL)

Eilat is a spa resort known for its beaches, coral reef and vibrant night life. Tourists will enjoy here the warm climate with high salinity, beneficial for respiratory recovery, treatment of skin diseases. Eilat is also known for the physical restoration treatments based on hydrotherapy and regenerative and anti-stress treatments based on Dead Sea salts.

Eilat resort is becoming increasingly popular especially after tourism has dropped dramatically in Egypt, due to safety problems, which the neighboring country seems to be unable to solve yet.

Even though the prices for services and accommodation have been reduced considerably in the Egyptian resorts at the Red Sea, increasing numbers of sun-loving tourists from Europe prefer to come to Eilat or Aqaba.

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