Top 7 destinations in Europe for families …

Top 7 destinations in Europe for families with children

Top 7 destinations in Europe for families with children

Traveling with children is a very serious mission but also a wonderful experience of reuniting families.

Choose the right place and spend your dream holiday together with your family in new and fascinating places. Book your airline tickets and accommodation early and this pleasant experience can be quite affordable.

We have selected the most suitable and interesting (from our point of view) destinations in Europe for families with children.

1. Billund, Denmark


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Billund is famous for the Legoland family theme park. This is a universe of mini cities built entirely from Lego and one of the most favorite places for children around the world.

Parents will have a relaxing holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, far from the big cities noise.

2. Barcelona, Spain


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From the fire eaters in La Rambla to Gaudi's fanciful architecture, Barcelona offers everything that is most charming for Mediterranean cities - a relaxed pace, sunny days, unbeatable food - plus, when you get tired of the city you can go anytime to the city sand beach.

3. Rome, Italy


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All roads lead to Rome - this is also true when traveling with children. Ancient history, fantastic cuisine and amazing beauty will satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Trips to the Vatican or the Colosseum will become an important supplement to the children's school curriculum - with breaks for gelato and Romanian pizza.

4. Pula, Croatia


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With a view of the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, Pola is one of the most magnificent cities in the world.

Here you will find safe beaches, hiking trails and cycling for all abilities, plenty of ancient fortresses and interactive museums waiting to be explored by the little knights and princesses. Pola offers you all the fun and activities for a perfect family vacation.

5. Munich, Germany


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Munich is not only Oktoberfest. The city is also the capital of handmade toys and the center of hundreds of activities for children. Disney fans will want to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for the scenes from Sleeping Beauty.

After all this, you will deserve a break in a beer garden, where, fortunately, children are welcome.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark


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Copenhagen is the gateway to the fascinating world of northern fairy tales. Tivoli, the Copenhagen amusement park, opened since Hans Christian Andersen's time, offers plenty of attractions, flower gardens, a lake, dining terraces and a story atmosphere.

Besides the legendary park in the capital of Denmark you will find countless museums, playgrounds for children and other attractions for a family vacation.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland


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It is nothing unusual to see babies sleeping alone in their carts near Reykjavik stores, so safe and friendly this city is.

Here you can experience the unique natural wonders: thermal springs, many with special sections for children, the Northern Lights, adventures with Icelandic horses and sea trips where you can admire the whales in their natural environment.

This is the perfect destination for active families.

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