Wizz Air major expansion - 3 new bases and 55 flights

Massive Wizz Air expansion

Of all the airlines in Europe, Wizz Air is one of the most active in the period when travel restrictions begin to be lifted.

Starting with July 2020, the Hungarian lowcoster opens 3 new operational bases and 55 new direct flights.

New Wizz Air bases

Wizz Air already made some changes to its base network in Europe and reduced the fleet size in more than 14 locations with low transport demand, and will form new permanent bases with the released planes.

Milan Malpensa MXP (new base)

New direct flights Milan Malpensa - Wizz Air

The largest airport in the Italian region of Lombardy will become home to 5 new Airbus A321neo aircraft with 230 seats that will fly to 21 new destinations.

5 flights - Eindhoven, Las Palmas, Pristina, Thessaloniki and Tallinn - represent an absolute premiere for Malpensa.

New direct flights Start Frequency Competitor flights
Milan  - Athens 31-Jul 7 easyJet, Aegean
Milan  - Kerkyra 31-Jul 4 easyJet
Milan  - Eindhoven 03-Jul 7  
Milan  - Fuerteventura 31-Jul 2 Neos
Milan  - Thira 31-Jul 4 easyJet
Milan  - Reykjavik 03-Jul 3 Icelandair
Milan - Lisbon 03-Jul 7 easyJet, TAP
Milan  - Las Palmas 05-Jul 2  
Milan - London 03-Jul 7 easyJet
Milan  - Menorca 03-Jul 7 Neos, easyJet
Milan  - Porto 17-Jul 5 TAP, Ryanair
Milan  - Pristina 18-Jul 3  
Milan  - Marrakech 01-Aug 4 easyJet
Milan  - Rhodes 01-Aug 3 Neos, easyJet, Blue Panorama
Milan  - Thessaloniki 31-Jul 4  
Milan  - Tenerife 04-Jul 2 Neos, easyJet
Milan  - Tallinn 18-Jul 2  
Milan - Tel Aviv-Yafo 17-Jul 7 easyJet, El Al
Milan - Valencia 17-Jul 7 Malta Air
Milan  - Zakinthos 01-Aug 3 easyJet
Milan  - Tirana 16-Jul 7 easyJet, Blue Panorama

Tirana TIA (new base)

New direct flights Tirana Albania - Wizz Air

Wizz Air brings 3 Airbus A320 aircraft to its new base at Tirana International Airport and 15 new direct flights, including 10 brand new routes.

New direct flights Start Frequency Competitor flights
Tirana  - Bari 15-Jul 3 Albawings
Tirana  - Basel-Mulhouse 18-Jul 2  
Tirana  - Paris 15-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Brussels 01-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Catania 23-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Eindhoven 02-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Baden Baden 15-Jul 2  
Tirana  - Hamburg 24-Jul 2 Albawings
Tirana  - Heraklion 17-Jul 2  
Tirana  - Frankfurt 16-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Milan 16-Jul 7 easyJet, Blue Panorama
Tirana  - Prague 03-Jul 2 Smartwings
Tirana  - Rhodes 16-Jul 2  
Tirana  - Berlin 15-Jul 3  
Tirana  - Turin 16-Jul 4 Blue Panorama

Larnaca LCA (new base)

New direct flights Larnaca - Wizz Air

The new base in Larnaca Hermes Airport will have 2 aircraft and 11 routes. 8 flights will be operated for the first time.

New direct flights Start Frequency Competitor flights
Larnaca  - Athens 01-Jul 9 Blue Air, Olympic Air, Cyprus Airways
Larnaca  - Billund 02-Jul 2  
Larnaca  - Copenhagen 01-Jul 3 Norwegian Air
Larnaca  - Dortmund 11-Jul 3  
Larnaca  - Baden Baden 04-Jul 2  
Larnaca  - Memmingen 11-Jul 3  
Larnaca  - Suceava 10-Jul 2  
Larnaca  - Thessaloniki 01-Jul 7 Blue Air, Olympic Air, Cyprus Airways
Larnaca  - Salzburg 12-Jul 2  
Larnaca  - Turku 12-Jul 2  
Larnaca  - Wroclaw 10-Jul 2  

New flights and destinations

Salzburg SZG (focus city)

New direct flights Salzburg - Wizz air

Salzburg Airport is included in the list of Wizz destinations starting with July 2020 with 6 non-stop flights to/from Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Northern Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

New direct flights Start Frequency
Salzburg  - Belgrade 02-Jul 2
Salzburg  - Kiev 01-Jul 2
Salzburg - Bucharest 02-Jul 2
Salzburg  - Skopje 03-Jul 2
Salzburg  - Tuzla 02-Jul 2

In addition to the new bases and flights, the operator also announces 14 new routes from Luton and Vienna airports.

London Luton LTN (old base, new flights)

Luton has been a base of the Hungarian airline since 2017 and it is expanding its network from this airport every year.

Wizz Air efficiently fills the void created after the departure of Monarch and, starting in July 2020, launches new flights to the most popular leisure destinations in Spain - the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands - and 1 more flight to Malaga.

New direct flights London Luton - Wizz Air

New direct flights Start Frequency Competitor flights
London  - Lanzarote 27-Oct 2 TUI, Ryanair, easyJet
London - Malaga 01-Jul 7 Ryanair, easyJet
London  - Fuerteventura 03-Jul 2 Ryanair
London - Palma Mallorca 01-Jul 5 TUI, easyJet

The lowcoster has a well-defined and tenacious development strategy that is successfully applied. The airline is finding new underrated opportunities and new routes with high transportation demand to and from Central and Eastern Europe.

Special attention is also paid to the development of the network of routes between Western European countries and to popular leisure destinations, primarily the Greek and Spanish islands.