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ZborDirect is an online low-cost flights booking engine. Trade name and websites,,, belong to company OPTIMVEST GROUP. Our goal is to offer qualified and simple services to the Passengers who want to have comfortable, safe and cheap travel.

Searching and booking airline tickets on will take no more than 3 minutes and the flight registration procedure is automatic and free. Simple and comfortable - this is how the booking of low-cost flights should be.

We cooperate directly with Air Operators, that we select based on criteria of safety, fair prices, regularity in operations and other conditions that guarantee a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Our own dedicated technology allows us to offer Passengers the best flight deals and a simple, fast and convenient flight registration (check-in).

More about the benefits of the online engine ZborDirect you can find here: Why we are better than other agencies?.

Prices and payment methods

Seats in airplanes are sold at the rates set by each air carrier separately. The price for each ticket is formed by combining air carrier tariffs and according to the contractual relations of the Agency with the Operator.

The agency uses a computerized system connected to operator systems and displays the best price offers for ZborDirect users. The price is guaranteed upon payment or after booking depending on the payment method. Details here: Payment methods

Terms and conditions on sale of flight tickets


Our activity is based on direct cooperation with selected Air Carriers. We continuously monitor the passenger air transport market and apply specialized IT solutions to simplify the booking process for the Passenger.

Due to our individual cooperation with Air Operators we find the best flight offers, propmptly perform the bookings, issue air tickets and keep Passengers up to date with the information required for the flight from p. A to p. B.

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