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Covid-19 - Updated information on travel during the pandemic

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ZborDirect is a low cost flights search engine. The trademark and the sites,,, belong to the company Optimvest Group.

Our goal is to save the time and money of Passengers who want to fly comfortably, safely and cheaply and to make sure they do not miss any offers.

We find and display all the offers

We do not sell tickets - but we are always looking for the best offers from all partner agencies and airlines so you can choose the best offer.

If you have accessed - you don't need any other tools to find your plane ticket to any destination. Make a search - and we will scan the thousands of offers and show you only the best ones - a click away.

Apart from the best air ticket deals on you can find the most current information about flights, airlines, airports, destinations. We constantly monitor the most current travel alerts - so you have no surprises when you arrive at your destination.

What are we different from other meta search engines?

  • Assistance
    Even if the sale of air tickets does not take place on the site - we offer assistance if you cannot contact the airline or agency where you bought the ticket.
  • Updated information
    If you need travel information about a country, airport, airline - on you will find the most current and accurate information.
  • Verified agencies / airlines
    Airlines and online agencies have multiplied like mushrooms after rain. We monitor their activity and exclude operators that do not meet the minimum criteria.