Check-in and boarding

Check-in and boarding

Check-in and boarding

For timely completion of check-in (registration for flight) and boarding (occupancy of seats), it is recommended to show up at the airport at least 1 hour 30 minutes before the departure time indicated in the ticket.

In the peak season, passenger traffic and the time required for airport procedures can increase considerably, and, if you are traveling during this period, we recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours before or even earlier.

Check-in desk in airports open from 2 hours to 4 hours before the flight and close 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Even if the aircraft is positioned on the ground, for reasons of security, passengers who have not shown up in requested time limits may not be allowed to board on airplane.

After payment and confirmation of air ticket Passengers must perform check-in (registration for flight) to be able to board the airplane. Check-in can be made at the airport check-in desk of operator performing the flight, online or at airport check-in terminals.

Check-in at airport

Airport check-in

At check-in you are required to provide the electronic ticket or confirmation number, a valid ID or passport, baggage / luggage to be weighed, and cabin baggage that must comply with cabin baggage weight and size restrictions.

After performing these operations, you will receive a boarding pass with the seat number and flight details.

Check-in at airport for Wizz Air and Ryanair flights is subject to additional fee. Blue Air, Norwegian Air and AirBaltic offer this service for free.

Online Check-in

Mobile boarding pass

Online check-in means the entry of passengers' passport / card data directly into airlines' reservation systems and the issue of boarding passes. The date when online check-in is open is different for each airline.

This procedure is free of charge at all airlines - partners of ZborDirect. But if you book tickets on the airline's website - you need to take care yourself to perform the check-in in time.

Online check-in procedure and issuing of boarding pass (ticket) is effected not earlier than the term established by air operators before the date and time of departure of flight for which check-in is made. For most low-cost airlines this term is 48 hours before the flight.

After check-in, a boarding pass will be issued for each passenger and each flight. The boarding pass contains the flight information, the passenger's personal data and the seat in the aircraft. In this case, you no longer have to go to the aircompany check-in desk and go directly to the security, border check and directly to the plane to occupy the seat indicated in the boarding pass.

You must provide a print copy of the boarding pass for each flight and each passenger in order to get on board.

Security check

Security check

Prior to boarding, all Passengers undergo security check where the cabin luggage is verified so as not to contain objects forbidden in air transport. Find more about the restrictions on cabin luggage here:

Border check

Passenger documents, visas if necessary will be verified at border check. Passengers must ensure before travel that identity cards or passports are valid and meet the requirements of the country of destination and are that there are no restrictions imposed by the state of destination.

Boarding on plane


After passing the border check Passengers proceed to boarding on aircraft in order to perform the flight by providing the boarding passes to airline's staff.

The assigned seat number will be indicated in the boarding pass.

After landing and stationing, the passengers will disembark from airplane and pass the border check (security check as appropriate) of the destination country.

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