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Air Greenland

Air Greenland A/S, also known as Greenlandair, is the flag carrier airline of Greenland, owned by the Greenlandic Government. It operates a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, including an airliner used for transatlantic and charter flights and helicopters carrying passengers from the smaller communities into the domestic airport network. Besides running scheduled services and government-contracted flights to most villages in the country, the airline also supports remote research stations, provides charter services for tourists and Greenland's energy and mineral-resource industries and permits medivac during emergencies.



Air Greenland

Code (IATA): GL

Code (ICAO): GRL

Country: Greenland

Founded: 2002

Destinations (countries): 3

Fleet size: 10

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General carriage conditions

Free baggage
Name change
Unacompannied minors
Pets in cabin
 Date change
the fee applies additionally to the difference between confirmed flight and new one