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JSC Angara Airlines (Russian: ЗАО «Авиакомпания «Ангара») is an airline with main base in Irkutsk, Russia. It operates flights on behalf of its owner, the Irkut Corporation aircraft repair factory out of Irkutsk International Airport. It is the leading airline in amount of flights out of Irkutsk and is a major player on the domestic Siberian market. With base airports in Irkutsk and Novosibirsk, Angara Airlines operates scheduled flights in the Siberian region and to other regions in the Russian Federation. Besides the scheduled flights, Angara Airlines also offers charter transportation, VIP transportation and freight and mail services.



Angara Airlines

Code (IATA): 2G

Code (ICAO): AGU

Country: Russia

Founded: 2000

Destinations(countries): 1

Fleet size: 5

Website/Covid-19 Info/Flight schedule:

General carriage conditions

Free baggage
Name change
Unacompannied minors
Pets in cabin
Date change
the fee applies additionally to the difference between confirmed flight and new one

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