Frequent questions and answers

Frequent questions and answers

Frequent questions and answers

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers about booking air tickets, flights, check-in and other important information about air travel. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Can I book tickets by phone?

Reservations by phone are in most cases more expensive than those made online. For flights operated by some low-cost airlines, it is not possible to book by phone.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

You can order and book airline tickets for another person.Cardholder data may also differ from the data of the passenger.

Can I change the date of the flight or the name of the passengers?

Flight ticket change rules are indicated in each booking and may vary depending on the airline operating the flights.If the change is possible, a fee for change of flight date or passenger names will apply. The amount of the fee is indicated in the Booking in the section Terms and Conditions.

Do I need a visa for my trip?

No visa is required for EU citizens traveling in the EU. In other cases, please contact the representative of the country of destination.

How do I get the sms password from the bank?

Some cards are secured with an additional one-time password. It is usually sent by the bank on the phone number indicated by you. To find out or change this number, call the the bank on the phone printed on your card.

How long is the offer price available?

The price is valid within the limit of available seats in the airplane .It can change at any time as a result of the dynamic booking process.

How much is a ticket cost to London, or any other destination?

To find out the price of a flight ticket, go to, enter your travel itinerary, calendar dates, number and type of passengers and make a search.

Prices can change dynamically every 10 minutes depending on the available seats in the aircraft. The prices for any flight to any destination starts at 19 euros and reach up to 400 euros and more. There is no difference in service class, these are seats in the same airplane. Tickets with the cheapest price are sold all, usually 2 months before the flight. For "high season", they sell on average 6 months ahead of flight.

How to book tickets online?

In order to book flght tickets, make a search on, choose an offer, enter your passengers' data, choose a payment method and make the payment. Low-cost flight tickets are booked and confirmed after complete payment of the order.

How to fill passenger's name if he/she has only surname or name?

There are persons from specific countries that have only surname or name. It is mandatory to fill both name fields (name and surname) for booking a flight ticket.So, in this case you can fill LNU (last name unknown) or FNU (first name unknown) in the place of missing name. Or you could just put the same name in both fields.

How to search flight routes efficiently?

To see all flight offers on choose the departure and arrival city, not the airport. The city can be served by several airports (eg London LON -> Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Southend ...). Even if all airports appear in the select list, some may be not active for others we may not have flights to/from the selected airport (for example, we have low-cost flights to Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Southend but we do not have flights to Heathrow). Choose the city instead: London LON (All airports), after the results are displayed you can filter them by airports and other criteria.

{slider class="icon" title="I booked round trip tickets but I could not use the first flight segment, can I use the second one?"}

I booked round trip tickets but I could not use the first flight segment, can I use the second one?

Yes, you can only use one, the first or the second segment, of the round-trip tickets booked on

Is the displayed price real?

The price displayed for all flights on is the sale price. There are no other fees or hidden costs. The price includes the seat in in the airplane, automatic check-in, cabin baggage, qualified agent support.

Is the passport required for booking?

To book airline tickets on, you only have to enter your first name, surname and (depending on the operator) the birth dates of the passengers.Passport data will be required for flight registration, which can be made up to 2 hours before the flight.

My booking has been canceled, can I restore it?

Reservations that are not paid in due time are automatically canceled and can not be restored. But you can always make a new reservation - if required.

There are errors in data for check-in, what can I do?

If you have made any errors in your passengers' passport data, please contact us to make the necessary corrections.

What amount of cigarettes and alcohol can I take with me?

For rules on carrying goods in the EU, please access the link below: Alcohol and tobacco limits within the EU

What are the dates with direct flights for my itinerary?

Dates with direct flights for the selected itinerary are highlighted in the date selection calendar (for most operators) (see image).

What are the dimensions of cabin baggage?

Baggage size is indicated on the selected flight booking page.The sizes vary depending on the operator. The main rule is that the baggage may be placed in the head compartment or under the seat in the aircraft.

What can I carry in my cabin baggage?

No dangerous, sharp, flammable objects can be carried in cabin baggage. Liquids must be in containers of up to 100 ml. This rule does not apply to liquids purchased in Duty Free stores.

What is automatic online check-in?

Automatic check-in is a ZborDirect own service. Flight registration is automatically performed at the opening of air company's check-in procedure and boarding passes for each passenger/flight become available in the Booking on The check-in procedure is performed on the date set by the airline, which is indicated in the reservation.

What is the CVV code and where do I find it?

CVV is a 3-digit security code printed on the back of the card. The number appears in the area with your signature, usually in letters tilted to the left.Some cards do not have this code printed (some Maestro cards), in this case you can find the code by calling the phone number shown on your card.

What is the price of registered baggage?

The baggage price differs for each operator and the rate is indicated on the selected route booking page, here you can add luggage for each passenger and each flight.

How do I add registered baggage?

You can select your baggage and add it on the flight booking page. It can be added for each passenger and flight separately.

If you wish to add registered (hold) baggage after the ticket confirmation or before the flight - you can also do this easily on flight operating airline's website (eg, The changes will be recorded in your Booking on and in the boarding passes. You can find the booking by the company's confirmation number and the first passenger's last name.

What should I do after payment?

Once you have completed your payment and confirmed your order, you will be asked to enter and save the passenger passport data in your Reservation (you can access it from the email link or by the order number on Please enter the information exactly as in the the identity documents. These data will be used for the check-in procedure (flight registration).

The date of the flight registration will be indicated after the passenger data has been saved.If you booked a ticket with free airport check-in (eg. Blue Air) you do not have to do anything after making the payment, or provide additional information. The operator's confirmation number and passport are sufficient to be registered for the flight at the airport.

When is it better to buy a cheap ticket?

Cheap tickets are booked long before the flight, so the basic rule is to make the booking as soon as you have planned a trip. The price for a low-cost ticket can start from 19 euros if you reserve a few months before the flight. On the same plane a seat can cost you 399 euros if you reserve a few days before the flight.

Where are the boarding passes?

Check-in (flight registration) is effected exactly 48 hours before the flight. After check-in the boarding passes become available in your booking on (in the section "Travel Documents") and a notification is sent to your email address upon completion of check-in.

For passengers' convenience during security, customs check and handling of baggage, we recommend to have your boarding passes printed on paper.You can also show them from your mobile device, but please make sure your device clearly displays your boarding pass with all elements (most important - the barcode).

Why is it so cheap?

Low cost ticket prices for a plane trip start at 9 euros - all taxes included. There is a limited number of seats on aircraft with such lowest fare.

Why is it so expensive?

All cheap tickets are sold long before the flight, for some destinations even 6-12 months before the departure date. If you book 1-2 weeks before the flight there are only left high category seats - that is 300-500 euros (one way).

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