Important information

Low cost airlines

There are still a lot of Passengers who already have planned a trip and are looking for the cheapest ticket but in the end they buy the most expensive one or run out of seats. Delaying the dates of booking and purchase is no longer a good strategy for flight booking, although it was effective some years ago.

Bagaj de mana

All tickets on, without exception, include hand baggage and personal item, automatic check-in (flight registration) and all flight taxes. Also Support from qualified Agents is provided during the validity of the tickets.

Security check

The international rules of civil aviation strictly stipulate the list of items permitted on board the aircraft, in hand baggage and registered baggage. These regulations have been developed to ensure the safety of aircraft, crews and passengers. The rules may vary from one carrier to another - the list below is a general one - applicable to any company.


Before traveling abroad, the traveler must ensure that travel documents (foreign passport, id card - for EU Member States), visas, as necessary, are valid and comply with the requirements of the country of destination.

For timely completion of check-in (registration for flight) and boarding (occupancy of seats), it is recommended to show up at the airport at least 1 hour 30 minutes before the departure time indicated in the ticket.

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