Free services

Free services

All tickets on, without exception, include hand baggage and personal item, automatic check-in (flight registration) and all flight taxes. Also Support from qualified Agents is provided during the validity of the tickets.

Seat in airplane

Every Passenger older than 24 months is assigned a seat in the airplane. The Agency makes the Booking depending on the available seats at the time of booking. Seats in the aircraft are assigned to Passengers depending on availability of seats and other operational factors. 

Children younger than 24 months (infants) will travel in the arms of the accompanying adult passenger. Only airport and infant charges will be paid for these passengers, starting from 10 euros depending on the operating airline.

Check-in / flight registration

For all tickets the Agency provides included online check-in using our own automatic flight registration system. Electronic flight tickets or boarding passes (depending on operator) will be issued for each Passenger.

For air operators that provide free airport check-in such option will be available to Passengers.

Cabin baggage

For all flights operated by agency partners, regardless of class, cabin baggage is included in the ticket price.

The size and weight of baggage varies with each airline depending on the aircraft type, operational or commercial requirements but can not be less than: 8 kg.

The basic rule when calculating the dimensions of cabin baggage is that the luggage can be placed under the front seat or in the overhead bin.

Folding baby carriage

For all tickets issued by the Agency, a folding babby carriage is included for each infant passenger (age 0-24 months) free of charge. The carriage will be handed over for transportation in the cargo cabin of aircraft.


Paid on-board services

Registered baggage

Registered baggage may be purchased for an additional charge starting from 10 euro - 23 kg. The minimum weight of one baggage for all flights will be 23 kg. The maximum weight of a one baggage - 32 kg.

Baggage charges are calculated according to:

  • Date of trip (peak season, off-season)

  • Where the service is pruchased through agency or at airport)

  • Weight of luggage

Baggage charges are at least 2 times higher at the airport.

Baggage can be purchased (as well as other services) up to 24 hours before the flight.

Selected seat in airplane

A preferred seat can be purchased for an additional charge. The fee is from 3 euros to 25 euros depending on the airline

The passenger can choose seats in front or back, at the window or seats with extra leg-room.

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