The cheapest airline ticket

The cheapest flight ticket

There are still a lot of Passengers who already have planned a trip and are looking for the cheapest ticket but in the end they buy the most expensive one or run out of seats. Delaying the dates of booking and purchase is no longer a good strategy for flight booking, although it was effective some years ago.

The times when airlines offered last minute bargains to get rid of available seats have passed.

Low cost operators have changed the rules of the game. Low-priced seats are sold one or two months before the flight and business passengers are ready to pay for the last seats in the aircraft.

Low cost ticket prices start from 19 euro, but these seats sell maximum 2 months before the flight and 6 months ahead in high season. This explains the big price difference - the price can reach 400 euro for the same seats in the same airplane . There is no difference in service class, these are seats in the same airplane.

2 months (except high season) before the flight date is the ideal time to catch a really cheap ticket, later it will be for sure more expensive. Even if there are available seats at a higher rate, the air company will not lower the prices for these tickets.

Cheap tickets for high season - Christmas, Easter, national holidays, summer holidays - are all sold even 6 months before the flight, and for some destinations - as soon as they become available for sale.

So how do i buy cheapest ticket? Is it enough just to make the booking 2 months before the flight?

Based on our own booking experience, we can recommend one thing to Passengers who want to travel inexpensively:

Are you going to travel somewhere and have a cheap ticket in front of you? Book it immediately or your will regret later!

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