Cash in bank

Form of payment Cash in Bank is available for selected airlines and booking of hotel rooms.

Cash in bankMoldindconbankComertbankVictoriabank


MOLDINDCONBANK MD92ML000000002251402234 (MDL)

COMERTBANK MD52CM000225104980141244 (MDL)

Payments are received in cash at all agencies of MOLDINDCONBANK S.A. and COMERTBANK S.A. from Moldova or by bank transfer. Payments shall be effected in lei MDL at the rate of the National Bank of Moldova.

Also you can make a wire transfer from bank in your country to our EUR account:

COMERTBANK MD25CM000225109780241244 (EUR)

For processing of payment it is sufficient to indicate order NUMBER and SURNAME of the first Client. The order will be confirmed immediately after payment confirmation, email confirmation will be sent within maximum 2 hours.

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