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A flight ticket is not just a seat in the plane but a whole set of services that make a journey comfortable and safe. It is not just the air company that operates the flight that matters, it also matters where you buy the tickets.

On zbordirect.com you do not only book a flight ticket, you book a comfortable and safe trip for any budget. How do we do that?

ZborDirect uses and develops its own engine connected directy to low-cost carriers, without global distribution systems - used by most online agencies. Thus, we can offer better prices to our Passengers. Verified Partners allow us to offer Passengers something even more important - safety - verified over time.

Booking of tickets takes place online and is fully automated, but sometimes it is required the help of a qualified agent. Our team is formed of properly trained agents who know what to do in any situation..

High end technologies and a qualified team - this is how we make the difference and offer the most convenient services for the Passengers who value time and money. 

Direct flights and low-cost connections

On zbordirect.com you will find only low cost flights. What does this mean? ZborDirect is connected directly to Europe's largest low-cost carriers and offers you the cheapest flights - all in one place - one click away..

Simple and fast booking

We believe online reservation needs to be simple and fast. No matter how you book - on your computer or on your mobile phone - you will spend not more than 3 minutes. Because we put value on the time of our Passengers.

Minimum personal data

To book an airline ticket, you will only indicate the passengers' names and dates of birth without passport identification data. In case of cancellation of reservation, this data will remain with you. We only ask for passport data after completion of your booking in order to perform the flight check-in and we process and store this data safely only for the purposes of the given reservation.

In case you book tickets with free airport check-in, you do not have to provide us with any passport information. Passport and operator confirmation number are sufficient for you to be registered for the flight at the airport.

Automatic online check-in

All low-cost carriers offer free online check-in. But not automatic - you have to make sure you do your check-in in time. With ZborDirect, you no longer have to remember to check-in online. We will do this for you - automatically. You will get your boarding passes in your mobile device - modern and comfortable.

 Qualified and reliable assistance

Anyone who booked on an airline's official website knows how hard it is to connect with a call-center operator - 3 minutes is the average waiting time. With ZborDirect you no longer have to wait until you are connected to an operator. We are here 24/24 to assist you for your Reservation - online or by phone.

If you know how to make your reservation and travel more pleasant - please contact us with your suggestion - because the opinion of each Passenger counts.

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