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The cheapest ticket from Tehran (THR) to Dezful (DEF), Iran is on 27 Feb 2022 and the price is €60*. The lowest price is displayed according to the latest searches performed on the engine zbordirect.com until 27.11.2021 07:25:03.

The non-stop flight Tehran - Dezful is operated by Iran Air on airplanes: ATR 72.

Average flight duration: 1h 35m.

Active days: Tuesday starting with 30 November 2021.

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Non-stop flight schedule from Tehran to Dezful

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The aerial distance from the airport Mehrabad to the airport Dezful is 452 km.
*The distance is calculated for a straight route between the 2 airports. The actual flight path may be different.
Tehran THR
Mehrabad International Airport (Persian: فرودگاه بین المللی مهرآباد‎), is an international airport serving Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Until 2007 and before construction...
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Dezful DEF
Dezful Airport is located on Andimeshk road in the city of Dezful, Iran.
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Alternative direct flights for the route Tehran - Dezful

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The cheapest one way flights from Iran to Iran

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22 Dec 2021
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Mashad Tehran
06 Dec 2021
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Tehran Bandar Abbas
21 Dec 2021
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27 Nov 2021
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