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The cheapest flight tickets from South Korea (KR) to Guam (GU) according to the most recent searches performed by our users. The displayed prices are subject to change at any time due to dynamic booking process. Please make a search to get the sale price.

Gimhae International Guam A.B. Won Pat
Jin Air
direct 24 June 2024 Jin Air
The cheapest airline ticket according to latest searches

According to the latest updates there are active direct routes between South Korea and Guam. Go to flight's page for schedules and tickets.

The non-stop flights between South Korea and Guam are operated by Jeju Air, Jin Air, Korean Air, T'way Air.

Flight tickets (one way) South Korea ➔ Guam

Gimhae International Guam A.B. Won Pat
Jin Air
24 June 2024

Direct flights South Korea ➔ Guam | 2 direct flights

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