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Airline tickets Osh - Madinah (the cheapest from €404)

The cheapest airline ticket from Osh to Madinah is on July 29, 2024 and the price is €404 EUR ($439).

Osh Madinah
Pegasus Airlines
stops 29 July 2024 Pegasus Airlines + ...
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Flight tickets (one way) Osh ➔ Madinah

Pegasus Airlines
29 July 2024
Jazeera Airways
07 August 2024

Find the cheapest month for the route: Osh → Madinah

The cheapest month to fly from Osh to Madinah — July, 2024 (€404). The most expensive month — August, 2024 (€660).


The aproximate aerial distance between Osh and Madinah - 3,547 km.
The distance is calculated as a direct line between the points without taking into account the actual flight path.

Airports in Osh: Osh OSS
Airports in Madinah: Madinah MED
When planning to travel between these locations you need to consider that they are in different time zones.
Osh is ahead of Madinah with 3h 0m.

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You got here because you searched the internet for the cheapest flights for the route Osh (OSS) - Madinah (MED). And you've come to the right place - here you'll find the best and cheapest flight deals and useful information for your trip to to Madinah and Saudi Arabia.

How to book flights from Osh to Madinah?

Airline tickets in 2024 are fully booked online - fast, cheap and simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. 1 Make a search and choose an offer
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  3. 3 Pay and book the airline ticket

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