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"We", "Agency" - online air ticket agency "ZborDirect".

"Air Company", "Partner", "Carrier", "Airline"  - air carrier (operator) operating the flight.

"Terms and conditions on sale of air tickets" - the present rules and conditions that come into force after the payment of the ticket.

"Terms and Conditions of Carriage" - the rules and conditions of the air carrier that performs the flight and the transport of passengers.

"Contractual Conditions" - means the provisions contained by or received together with the Electronic Ticket, including these Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

"Client" - means any person who uses Agency's services for booking a flight itinerary.

"Passenger" - means any person who is to be carried on an aircraft and who holds an Electronic Ticket.

"Infant" - means a person aged between 0 and 24 months (baby). An infant is not assigned a seat in the airplane and travels in adult's arms. An adult can accompany a single infant.

"Official Site" - is the website

"Order" - is the order for a flight itinerary for indicated passengers that is to be paid by the Client.

"Electronic Ticket" - the itinerary submitted by the Agency in electronic format. It contains the name of the passenger, flight itinerary, flight number, date, services purchased and which will be in possession of the Passenger after payment of the Order.

"Reservation code" or "Confirmation number" - the numerical code made up of several digits and / or letters obtained by the Agency at the end of the electronic ticket reservation / sale operation. It is only valid for the Passenger's identification in the reservation system for the requested flight.

"Warsaw Convention" Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Air Transport, signed at Warsaw on October 12, 1929, with all amendments in force.



2.1 ZborDirect is an online airline ticket agency. The trademark and the website belong to "OPTIMVEST GROUP", registered in the Republic of Moldova with the main object of activity - booking and sales of airline tickets for international flights, directly with Air Carriers.

2.2 The Agency is authorized to make bookings and issue air tickets by operating partner airline companies. It acts only as an intermediary of these companies and operates in accordance with the commercial rules and restrictions imposed by airlines as direct providers. The Terms and Conditions, the Order, the Electronic Ticket, the important information appearing on the official website, together form the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement between the Passenger and the Agency.



3.1 Booking of seats in the aircraft is made by means of computerized reservation systems. The agency has access to the airline's distribution system and makes seat bookings for a particular flight in favour of potential Passengers. Visitors have access to the flight offers formed by the Agency, can choose a flight itinerary and order places.

3.2 For the Reservation to be processed Client must fill in the name, surname, birth dates of Passengers exactly as in their ID documents, and valid contact details (email and contact phone number). Provided contact details will be used for communicating notifications of confirmation, flight registration (check-in), other important information about booked flights. No compensation can be claimed from the Agency for non-communicating such information if the contact details are erroneously filled.

3.3 Before making the payment, Client must carefully check the itinerary data, the date and the month of the flight, and make sure that the ticket is for the required route and date. Hours displayed are the local time corresponding to each airport.

3.4 The booking is confirmed at payment of full amount of order. Available payment forms will be displayed for each order. Bookings are free of charge, in case of non-payment, they are cancelled automatically.

3.5 After order confirmation Passenger will receive the electronic payment documents, Air Operators' confirmation numbers and information regarding the conditions, restrictions and rules applicable to the purchased air ticket.

3.6 All the conditions, rules and restrictions applicable to a flight ticket are those imposed by the airline as well as other operational or commercial factors that do not depend on the will of the agency.



4.1 The present Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of air operator come into force when the passenger has paid the flight ticket. Before paying for the ticket, the passenger has the obligation to get informed from the Agency's communications, on the official website about all the conditions and restrictions applicable to the ticket and to read these general conditions.

4.2 Air ticket is the electronic document, on which basis the flight is performed. The airline ticket is issued by the agency but is the property of the airline for which it was issued. The ticket can be accessed on by the order number or operator's confirmation number.

4.3. The agency performs online check-in (registration to flight) for some operators. In this case, boarding passes will be additionaly issued for each passenger/flight segment. The boarding passes must be provided directly to the security screening in the airport, printed or on mobile device. The check-in procedure is performed on the date set by each air carrier separately.

4.4 The owner of the purchased flight ticket shall keep it accessible and present it at boarding in order to be admitted to the flight. In the case of operators with free check-in at airport, it is sufficient to provide at airport check-in desk the travel document (passport) and the confirmation number. In case of operators with mandatory online check-in, it is required to provide the boarding passes printed or on mobile device directly at security screening for each passenger/flight segment.

4.5 For low cost and economy class flights operated by Agency Partners it is not possible to return or cancel the tickets. Tickets can be changed according to the conditions that will be indicated for each Booking separately.

4.6 The payment can be made with the payment method available on the flight reservation page. The payment method may be different depending on the operator, itinerary and period of flight.

4.7 Air operator conditions of carriage, available at booking the ticket, and the information on the flight ticket complete these Terms. It is assumed that the passenger who is in possession of the flight ticket was aware of all this information.



5.1 Flight tickets can be refunded and changed according to the conditions that will be indicated in each Reservation.

5.2 If the Air Operator allows cancellation / modification of the air ticket, it is the responsibility of the Passenger to inform the Agency in writing or by telephone of such intention. In some cases, you may not be able to cancel or modify certain airline tickets, or you will have to comply with certain requirements for these actions. The Agency or the Air Operator accepts all forms of written requests. The Agency or the Air Operator cannot cancel / modify the air ticket before receiving your confirmed request. Cancellation (if possible) and modification of airline ticket may be effected by the Agency or on Airline's official website.

5.3 In the event of a change in a reservation (including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds, name changes), the Agency reserves the right to apply certain fees to cover the administrative costs that may result from this action. These charges are different from charges imposed directly by the Airline.

5.4 In case of force majeure and not only, the airline may cancel or delay the flight and cancel the reservation without first notifying the Passenger. In this case the paid amount is refunded to the passenger or new flight options are proposed. In all these cases, the passenger will either be informed directly by the Airline or by the Agency's representatives.



6.1 Ticket prices are formed as a result of dynamic processes and depend on the company's tariff rules, contractual relationships, special tariffs, available seats in the aircraft, etc. A combination of rates applies to each ticket. Thus, the Agency can not publish a list of general prices for all flights, which are formed at the time of the booking.

6.2 Airline tickets issued by the agency are the property of airline companies, the amount of booking is transferred directly to operating airline.

6.3 The price of any flight ticket involves special conditions, rules and restrictions applicable to the journey to which the document refers. This information will be contained in the Agency's notifications to Passenger and in the Order. The passenger has the obligation to get informed about these rules before buying that ticket. After purchasing the ticket, it is considered that the passenger has become aware of all these rules.



7.1 The Agency is responsible for the correct issuing of airline tickets and for informing the passenger in good faith of the conditions applicable to the sold ticket.

7.2 The Agency will inform the passenger in good faith of the required formalities for the requested journey, according to the information provided by the computerized reservation system. It is the responsibility of the Passenger to ensure that he possesses all the necessary documents for passing customs control.

7.3 Information will be made available to Passengers by publishing on the official website of these general air ticket sales conditions, important information and special transport conditions of the responsible Carrier responsible for the flight in question, without the need for a signature of the passenger to certify that he has been informed.

7.4 Money paid to the Agency for a flight ticket becomes immediately the property of the airline. The Agency is not liable for any damages or inconvenience to the passenger during the flight or due to changes in timetable, flight delays, flight quality or flight services (example: luggage loss), circumstances beyond control and will of the Agency.

7.5 Passenger is required to read these general conditions before purchasing the air ticket. After purchasing the Ticket, it is understood that the passenger has learned all the information relating to the ticket. Lack of knowledge cannot serve as a basis for any complaints.

7.6 The passenger is required to show at embarking for flight at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure time in order to be able to pass all necessary formalities.

7.7 The Agency is not liable and can not be claimed for damages in the case that passenger has not performed the journey due to following conditions:

  • The passenger did not show up in time at boarding (1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure time on the ticket)
  • The passenger is denied from boarding due to problems with his personal documents (including lack of entry visa for destination country, false visa, banned passport, etc.) or in case of unjustified refusal of the authorities to allow the entry to destination.
  • The passenger showed up at airport under advanced alcoholic, drugs influence etc.
  • Other situations or cases of force majeure that the agency could not foresee or avoid.

7.8 Tickets may be returned depending on the applicable tariff and air operator conditions. Conditions on return or change of flight will be provided on the selected flight booking page.

7.9 The passenger may change the ticket (change date, passenger) originally bought under the conditions set by the air company for which the ticket was issued, for each individual case, according to the tariff rules and the conditions of the air carrier.

7.10 The passenger cannot hand over the air ticket to a third party.

7.11 Failure to fly usually involves the loss of an airplane ticket, with a penalty of 100% of the ticket value, and if the company allows more favorable conditions, the agency will apply these conditions in favor of the passenger.

7.12 If the passenger, by his own fault, only partially uses the flight segments included in the purchased flight ticket, he/she cannot claim damages of any kind from the agency or company for which the ticket was issued.

7.13 The passenger has the obligation to ensure that all travel formalities (police, customs, health status, passport, visas, etc.) are complied with, and the agency has no liability to the passenger in this respect.



8.1 The passenger will only provide the Agency the data strictly necessary for making the Booking for the selected flights. The Agency reserves the right to check the data provided by the Passenger in case of necessity only for the purpose of issuing the Ticket for the requested flight.

8.2 All personal data submitted to the Reservation Agency will only be used for the purpose of issuing the Ticket and communicating to the Passenger important information in connection with booked flights.

8.3. All personal data will be transmitted and stored using secured information technologies, such data will not be handed over to any third party without the Passenger's prior consent.



9.1 Any claim regarding the purchased air ticket shall be made in writing within 7 days of the occurrence of the claim.

9.2 Complaints not made in writing will not be considered.

9.3 The Agency will promptly inform the Passenger if the complained case can be solved by the Agency.

9.4 If the claimed case is the responsibility of the Carrier, the Agency will transmit the complaint to the airline for which the ticket was issued and the date will be that of the airline as the ticket owner.

9.5 The Agency shall inform the passenger on the Company's written solution within 3 days of receipt of the response from the Company. If the passenger is not satisfied with the answer he / she will address directly to the airline that made the flight.

9.6 Any claim shall be made by the passenger in accordance with these general air ticket sales conditions.



10.1 Communicating important information, requests, complaints, suggestions can be made directly through the contact form on the official website, by email or telephone. All communications / notifications / complaints made by Passengers may be made at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will be processed according to order priority within the Agency's hours of operation.

10.2 These general conditions are in compliance with and are complemented by the provisions of the Warsaw Convention, to which Moldova is a signatory party.

10.3 The publication of these general conditions on the website implies the obligation of the passenger to read them. It is believed that the passenger who bought the airline ticket became aware of the content of these conditions and he would no longer be able to appeal to lack of knowledge or information.

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