Frequent questions

ZborDirect FAQ

How much is a ticket to London, or any other destination?

In order to find out the price for a ticket you must go to, enter your trip itinerary, exact dates, number and type of passengers and make a search. The prices can change dinamically every 10 minutes depending on the seats left in the airplanes.

The prices for any flight to any destination start from 19 euro and reach up to 400 euros and more. There is no difference in service class, these are seats in the same plane.

Low fare tickets are sold all, usually 2 months before the flight. For "high season" flighs they are sold 6 months before flight..

What are the advantages of ZborDirect?

  • Specialization in low cost flights;
  • Direct flights and low cost connections formed with agency's own technology;
  • Minimum time spent on search and booking - average 3 minutes;
  • Automatic, easy and free check-in for your flights.
  • Assistance of a qualified Agent in the event of errors, schedule changes, cancellations etc., in case of an emergency - 24/24.

How to book flight tickets on ZborDirect?

In order to reserve seats you must select a flight itinerary displayed on, fill in the passenger data and make the payment. The actual reservation of seats takes place after the full payment of order. More information about ZborDirect booking engine can be found here.

Is it possible to book a ticket by phone?

Booking by phone is usually more expensive than booking online. Flight tickets of some low-cost airlines cannot be booked by phone.

Is it possible to buy a ticket to another person?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for another person. When making the booking enter the personal data of the person you would like to buy the ticket for. Remember, the data must be exactly as in passenger’s personal documents.

What should I do if I have entered wrong passenger data?

If you have made mistakes in the passengers’ data while booking a ticket or entering the data for check-in, please contact and inform us as soon as possible.

What is a flight ticket?

Flight ticket is an electronic document issued by the Agency confirming the flight itinerary and passengers and is issued after payment of booking fee. The ticket (booking) can be accessed by clicking the link received by mail or by accessing it on website by order or cofirmation number. The ticket has a confirmation number issued by flight operator and includes data on flight itinerary, passengers, purchased services, tariff conditions. For air operators with free airport check-in (eg. Blue Air, Norwegian), it is sufficient to provide the passenger's identity document and the confirmation number to be registered for flight.

What is a boarding pass?

Boarding pass is the document issued after flight registration (online or at airport) and contains passenger data and occupied seat in the aircraft. Boarding passes are issued after the completion of check-in procedure in the terms established by each air carrier. For operators with paid airport check-in (eg Ryanair, Wizzair) boarding passes must be printed and provided directly at the security check and boarding on airplane. If boarding pass is not provided, the passenger shall pay airport check-in fee starting from 30 euro per passenger/flight.

What is a flight ticket offer?

Flight ticket offer is a definite and limited number of seats for a flight or several flights with definite dates and times which has a fixed price that is available to the user when is communicated or viewing the offer. The offer price is only guaranteed at payment or booking the offered ticket.

What is a direct flight?

Departure of aircraft from point A with arrival to destination point B.

What is a flight with stops?

Departure of aircraft from point A with a landing in intermediate airport C and further departure to point of destination B. There may be several stops in the case of trascontinental flights.

What kind of flights can I book on ZborDirect?

On you can book non stop flights or flights with stops using the flight search filter. All flight connections are generated taking into account the minimum time required between flights and of course - a more convenient price for our Passenger. Connections are displayed for the dates and destinations for which we do not have direct flights at the time of the search.

What is check-in?

Check-in is the flight registration with the issuance of the boarding pass (ticket). Check-in can be done online or at the airport and involves entering Passenger Passport data in the booking system, assigning a seat in the aircraft and issuing the boarding pass.

What is online check-in?

Online check-in means the entry of passengers' passport / card data directly into airlines' reservation systems and the issue of boarding passes. The date when online check-in is open is different for each airline. For all tickets purchased on, automatic check-in is performed immediately upon opening of the operator's check-in procedure.

What is a low cost flight ticket?

Low cost is the ticket with a lower price than the average, or much lower.

A true low-cost airline has low-price flights that can start from 15 to 20 euros. This price includes: seat in the aircraft, hand baggage of at least 8 kg, baby folding stroller. Check-in baggage and other additional services, such as special seats or on-board menus, are subject to additional charges.

When is better to buy cheapest tickets?

Cheap tickets are booked and bought long before the flight, so the basic rule is to make your reservation as soon as you plan a trip.

What kind of price I will pay with ZborDirect?

Making a booking with ZborDirect the Passenger pays the best price. This is possible because the Agency has concluded individual Agent Agreements with Air Operators and makes use of specialized computer software. The price includes automatic flight registration (check-in) and the assistance of a qualified Agent

Why no assistance was provided in connection with my ticket bought elsewhere?

ZborDirect Agents are available to assist Passengers in connection with all tickets purchased on 7 days from 7, in case of urgency - 24/24. Unfortunately we do not provide assistance and do not solve situations related to tickets purchased elsewhere (directly from the operator or from another agency). In these cases you should address directly to the company or agency where you purchased the ticket.