Cluj - Napoca - Avram Iancu Airport (CLJ), Romania

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  • Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport, 149, Strada Traian Vuia, Someșeni, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Metropolitan Area, Cluj, 407039, Romania
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  • Coordinates (lat,lon): 46.78248978, 23.68686676
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Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport is an airport serving the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Initially known as Someșeni Airport, it is located 9 km (5.6 mi) east of the city centre, in the Someșeni area, which is now within the Cluj-Napoca city limits. The airport is named in honour of Romanian revolutionary Avram Iancu. In terms of passengers' traffic, Cluj Airport is the second busiest airport in Romania, after Bucharest Henri Coandă. Its size and location (on the European route E576 and close to A3 Transylvania Motorway) makes it the most important airport in the historical region of Transylvania.


Cluj - Napoca - Avram Iancu (CLJ - LRCL), Romania (RO)

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