Baden-Baden - the spa-town in the middle …

Baden-Baden - the spa-town in the middle of Europe

Baden-Baden - the spa-town in the middle of Europe

Baden-Baden is a spa town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, located on the western slopes of the Black Forest. Until 1931, the city was known as Baden, but it was often called Baden in Baden (Baden region), this is how the current double name of the city appeared - Baden-Baden.

The resort is famous first of all for its thermal springs. Since ancient times the Romans have noticed the healing properties of these sources and have built several baths here, the ruins of which have been preserved until now.

The most famous resort in Europe

In the 18th century, Baden-Baden became the largest resort in Europe and was frequently visited by monarchs, nobles, writers and musicians.

Thermal baths in Baden-BadenThe mild climate, the elegant center of the city, the abundance of gardens and parks, the hot springs, the modern spa complexes and the comfortable hotels have turned this small city into a world renowned resort.

The city has plenty of pools, flower gardens and is far from the hustle and noise of big cities - here you will completely disconnect from everyday worries.

Radon thermal springs

The natural springs in Baden-Baden have a high concentration of radon, one of the rarest and most expensive gases. Besides the the German resort, such springs can be found only in limited places in the world such as Gastein (Austria), Misasa (Japan).

Radon therapy is very effective for treating people suffering from nervous disorders, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, as well as for post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Luxury or affordable resort?

The city is still perceived by tourists in our region as an exclusive resort for the rich. This fame is drawn from the fact that the destination has always been preferred by famous people - actors, statesmen ...

In fact, the resort is quite affordable and everyone is welcome here, regardless of budget. In Baden-Baden you will find facilities as well as hotels for any pocket. But, of course, you have to book your tickets and accommodation as early as possible, as for any other popular destination.

And starting with 2019 low cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air have been expanding massively the transportation coverage to this location - with prices starting from 29 euros!

More than 30 direct low cost connections are available from cities in Europe, Middle East and Northen Africa and this number is increasing due to the rising popularity of the resort.

FKBThe spa-town is served by Karlsruhe FKB .

The airport is located at 12 km distance from the center of Baden-Baden and you can get there by bus or by train.

Besides the available direct flights you can get to Baden-Baden almost from anywhere in Europe with affordable low-cost connections.

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